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Common Household Pest & Insect identification

Wondering What Kind of Bug You Have in Your Home?

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Below is a list of different types of bugs that can be found in the house.

Visible Characteristics by Bug

Below are some traits or features to help you identify the type of pest that you have seen or may have in your home. Some include pictures.


Size Color Body Notes
Argentine Ant 3 mm dark brown, black triangle head
Carpenter Ant 1 inch – 25 mm black with red to yellow hues large thorax pictures
Citronella Ants 3 – 5 mm yellow to dark yellow/orange 12 segment antennae omits lemon smell if crushed
Field Ants 4 – 9 mm black, brown, yellow, red large solid color or combo of colors
Fire Ant 2 – 6 mm red hue club at end of antennae may have some black
Little Black Ants 1 – 1.5 mm dark brown, jet black twelve segmented antennae
Odorous Ant 2.5 – 3 mm golden brown to black uneven thorax omits rotten smell if crushed
Pavement Ant 2.5 to 3 mm pale brown to black visible grooves in thorax lighter colored legs, pictures
Pharaoh Ant 1.5 to 2mm yellow to light brown darker abdomen
Thief Ant 1.3 to 1.8 mm yellow to lighter brown dark abdomen, even thorax prefers grease as food


Size Color Body Notes
Carpet Beetles 2 – 5 mm brown to black oval shaped white & yellow, orange & red scales
Drugstore Beetles 3.5 mm reddish brown cylindrical striated (lined) appearance, pictures
Grain Beetles 2 – 3 mm brown to dark red pointy head pictures
Ground Beetles 2 – 2.5 mm dark with metallic hues oval, elongated pictures
Powder Post Beetles 3 – 6 mm red to dark brown short, clubbed antennae pictures
Spider Beetles 2 – 5 mm red-brown to black, pale-yellow to cream oval, cylindical resemble spiders, pictures
Warehouse Beetles 3 – 5 mm dark brown, mottled or spotted oval hair covered wings, pictures


Size Color Body Notes
Cluster Flies 8 – 10 mm dark grey, golden hairs black, silver checked abdomen
Drain Fly 1.5 – 5mm brown, grey or black broad fuzzy wings, long antennae
Fruit Fly 2.5 – 4 mm tan to light brown, red eyes black abdomen, grey underneath pictures
House Fly 4 – 7.5 mm light grey black stripes, large round eyes
Phorid Humpbacked Fly black, brown, tan arched throrax pictures


Size Color Body Notes
American Cockroach 28 – 43 mm red-brown to light brown, yellow band long, flat, wide wings, can fly
Brown-Banded Cockroach 10 – 14 mm light to dark brown, glossy short, flat, wide wings, long antennae, males can fly
German Cockroach 13 – 16 mm light brown to tan long, flat, wide with 2 dark lines wings, cant fly
Oriental Cockroach 25 – 32 mm dark brown, black, glossy long wings cover most of body cant fly
Smoky-brown Cockroach 25 – 38 mm shiny dark brown long wings will fly