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Pest, Bird and Wildlife Control in Québec

Pests Commonly Found in Québec

Rural communities can expect to see mice and rats from the late summer and well into the winter months. These pets typically come indoors when food becomes scarce. Careful observations and proper maintenance of buildings will ensure that rodents stay outside. However, handling larger animals and wildlife such as raccoons, skunks, and squirrels requires knowledge of local trapping and animal control laws. This is especially true during breeding seasons, when removing mothers and their young can become a delicate operation. Ask your local Orkin Canada branch about the wildlife exclusion and removal procedures before you take action.
Major cities and towns will be familiar with other pests. Ants, Spiders, and Wasps are common seasonal pests for residents. Ants range from very tiny species such as the Pharaoh ants to the very large Carpenter ants. Learn more about ants here: Ant Control
Most spiders found in Canada are beneficial and not considered dangerous to humans. Black Widow Spiders and Brown Recluse Spiders are rare, but do pose a threat with their poisonous and necrotic venom. Learn more about spiders here: Common Spiders
Encounters with wasps and hornets can be sudden and terrifying. Patio furniture, barbeques, trees, and lumber can easily become the site of a new nest. With their ability to deliver painful stings repeatedly, it is best to contact a pest control professional to safely remove wasps and hornets.

Recent Bed Bug Issues

Bed bugs have made resurgence and are quickly becoming one of the most talked about pests across the country. While bed bugs themselves do not pose a significant health risk, some people exhibit rash like symptoms to bed bug bites. For more information, you can read our in-depth articles about bed bugs here: Bed Bug Info. Our K9 Bed Bug inspection teams use the best tools and techniques to accurately detect the presence of live bed bugs, and this service is now available in Québec.

Climate and Geography

While indoor pests often enjoy the comforts of central heating and cooling systems, most outdoor pests require warm and relatively humid temperatures to thrive. Québec is large enough to have 3 climate regions; an arctic climate with short, very cold winters and cool summers near the northern fringes, a subarctic climate in central Québec that has very long and cold winters with lots of snow, and a humid continental climate which brings year round precipitation and great shifts in temperatures each season. Understanding your natural environment goes a long way in keeping pests under control and out of homes.

About Québec

Affectionately called “La Belle Province”, the beautiful province, Québec is both rich in history and in natural resources. Forestry and Mining have played a role in the economic development of the province since early colonization. Québec also has 3% of all the worlds’ fresh water and is a leader in hydro-electric power generation and research. The majority of Québec’s 8 million inhabitants live near the St. Lawrence River.

About Orkin Canada

We are a leader in the development of advanced, environmentally responsible pest control techniques and we are proud to have 50 years of experience in serving communities in Québec; some of them may be your friends and neighbours. For more information about the services that we provide, click on the following links.

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