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Wildlife Management

As urban wildlife populations continue to grow, the risk of exposure to wildlife and the health risks associated with them increases. At Orkin Canada, we recognize the importance of maintaining a balance between wildlife and people. That’s why our integrated wildlife solutions are environmentally sound and ecologically responsible.

Squirrels, raccoons and skunks are all pests that can cause headache for homeowners, particularly in the spring when their young are born. The best way to deal with these pests is to proactively prepare your home and yard in advance of the spring.

Quick Facts

  • Squirrels and raccoons primarily cause problems in attics and between the floors of a home, while squirrels can also get into dryer vents and stove exhaust vents. Skunks are typically found under decks or storage sheds.
  • Holes in the roof visible from the ground, water damage around ceilings and walls, pest noises and problems with electrical fixtures or telephone lines could indicate the presence of squirrels or raccoons in your home.

Prevention Tips

As with dealing with any pest, home maintenance is key. Ensure the shingles on your roof are replaced as often as needed.

  • Use tamper-resistant outdoor garbage cans and store them away from your home.
  • Where necessary, treat your lawn for grubs, or beetle larvae, as they can be a food source for skunks and raccoons.
  • Make it more difficult for raccoons and squirrels to get to your roof by keeping trees trimmed away from the house.

Common Wildlife Pests

Feral Cats

If you have an issue with these or other wildlife, call your pest management professional immediately.