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quebec province image In Montreal, rodents can be pests in homes and in business establishments. There are two rodents that commonly invade buildings, Norway rats and house mice. Norway rats have many other names. They are also called brown rats, wharf rats, Sewer Rats, and house rats. An adult rat is usually about 18 – 25 cm long and weighs between 200 and 500 g. Norway rats usually invade buildings through the basement or the lower floors, however they are good climbers and they will readily climb to find an entrance. Once they have gotten inside, rats often make burrows where they reproduce and raise their young. They will eat almost anything, but they must always have a water supply. Mice are smaller rodents than rats. Adult mice are usually less than 20 cm long (including the tail) and weigh 12 – 30 g. Mice can squeeze into a building through a hole that is larger than 6 mm. They are also easily transported from place to place in boxes and pallets of merchandise. When mice get into a home or business, they usually make a nest in a quiet place, then they start to explore. Mice are very curious, but they try to avoid areas where people are active.

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