Smoky Brown Cockroaches

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  • Colour Shiny dark brown or mahogany
  • Size From 25 mm to 38 mm long
  • Description Have functional wings which cover the abdomen.
  • Notes Are great flyers.

Why do I have smoky-brown cockroaches

Smoky-brown cockroaches like the warm, dark, protected areas around buildings, and feed on many organic materials, but particularly decaying plant matter. They also seek out very wet places, to compensate for the huge about of moisture they lose quickly through their cuticles.

Although smoky-brown cockroaches are usually found around the Gulf of Mexico, their egg cases attach themselves to surfaces within a day of being laid, and can unwittingly be brought back to Canada by travellers who have stayed at poorly maintained hotels.

How worried should I be about smoky-brown cockroaches

Smoky-brown cockroaches can carry many pathogens onto food and food preparation areas, as well as triggering harsh allergies and asthma, especially in young children. Once they invade, they need to be eliminated by a professional pest control service.

How can I prevent smoky-brown cockroaches invading

Vacuum all cracks and crevices, Clean up crumbs and spills promptly, Do not leave food or water out overnight, Sweep or vacuum up food and debris on floors, Clean counters, sinks, and tables with soapy water, Take out trash in closed plastic containers, Keep waste containers washed and clean, Wash dirty dishes and utensils immediately, Fix leaky faucets and water pipes, Increase ventilation to prevent condensation

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