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  • Colour Dark brown to black in colour, shiny appearance
  • Size About 3 mm, queens can be as large as 12 mm
  • Body Argentine ants have a triangular head and an unevenly shaped thorax, which is connected to the abdomen with a single segment.
labelled illustration of a argentine ant

Why do I have Argentine ants

Argentine ants originate in South America, but are an invasive species which has been carried all over the world by humans.

They are attracted to moist areas and build shallow nests in floor cracks, wall cavities, or among the timbers under your home.

How worried should I be about Argentine ants

Argentine ants are a nuisance that will get into your food, or that of your pet. They prefer sweet or greasy foods, but will also eat meat, eggs, and even other insects.

Argentine ant colonies have multiple queens that can lay up to 60 eggs every day, and unlike other queens, leave the nest to build new colonies.

Unlike other species of ants, Argentine ant colonies are also closely related and can share workers, with smaller colonies joining forces to make giant super colonies.

All of this gives Argentine ants the ability to survive conventional pest poisons and household remedies, so it is crucial to get professional help quickly to stop your home from being overrun.

How can I prevent Argentine ants invading

Seal all cracks around your home, Clean and sanitize all surfaces, Clean up food, sources every day, Remove any yard debris and objects, Trim back trees touching your home, Clean gutters and downspouts.

If your ant issue grows beyond what you can handle, don’t hesitate to contact your local Orkin Canada branch for professional ant control for your home or commercial business.

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