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  • Colour Dark brown
  • Size 2.5 to 3 mm long
  • Also known as Oryzaephilus mercator
  • Description The merchant grain beetle is a common stored product pest found not only in Canada but worldwide. This stored product pest thrives in packaged grains, fruits, and tobacco. In homes, the insects primarily infest dry pantry goods.

Why do I have merchant grain beetles

These insects typically enter homes in infested food packages. Homeowners may not notice a problem until they actually open the product and see adult insects and larvae inside. In many cases, by the time people detect merchant grain beetles, most of the stored goods in the home have already been damaged.

How worried should I be about merchant grain beetles

Once inside a package, merchant grain beetles contaminate far more than they consume. The pests can also burrow into multiple boxes of food and infest an entire pantry. Merchant grain beetle infestations may even spread from one unit to the next in apartment buildings.

How can I prevent merchant grain beetles invading

The best way to avoid the introduction of merchant grain beetles is to check dry goods after purchase. Consumers should report any infested products to the store or supermarket. Keeping grains and cereals in glass, metal, or plastic containers with tight lids is also a useful means of grain beetle prevention.

To get rid of the insects, residents can try heating infested pantry items to 58 degrees Celsius for one hour or freezing them at -18 degrees Celsius for six days. Contaminated areas should be cleaned and vacuumed carefully.
For more efficient pest control options, contact your local pest control experts at Orkin Canada to remove merchant grain beetles from a kitchen or pantry.

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