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  • Colour Light brown to black
  • Size From 2 mm to 4 mm long
  • Description Oval, flattened bodies, with shortened wing casing, exposing two or three abdominal segments.
  • Notes Wing casings often have a couple of yellow to reddish brown spots.

How to prevent Sap Beetles from invading

Keep food storage areas clean and sanitary. Clean and vacuum all crevices and corners. Wipe up food spills immediately. Buy food in smaller quantities. Use older food before opening more. Store foods in refrigerator or freezer. Use glass, metal, or heavy plastic containers.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why do I have sap beetles?

Both adult sap beetles and their larvae feed on stored grain, dried fruit, fresh fruit, flowers, fungi, carrion, the sap of trees and juice of fruits. They also burrow into mouldy grain residues.

Sap beetles make a point of laying their eggs in one of these food sources, so the emerging larvae can feed immediately after hatching.

How worried should I be about sap beetles?

Sap beetles make holes in stored food product containers as they enter and exit, and can transmit mould spores, bacteria and yeasts.

Since a single female can lay up to 1000 eggs over four-month period, an infestation can quickly become serious for both homeowners and businesses. To be confident of eradicating sap beetles, a professional pest control service is essential.

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