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  • Colour Light brown, reddish brown, dark brown
  • Size From 2 mm to 4 mm long
  • Also known as Silken fungus beetles, Hair fungus beetles, Spotted hairy fungus beetles.
  • Description Oval and flattened, with fine hairs on their wing cases.

How to prevent Fungus Beetles from invading

Use proper sanitation techniques when storing grains. Control the stored grain moisture and temperature. Clean all storage containers thoroughly before reuse. Check grains regularly for mould and beetles. Aerate grain to lower moisture and temperature.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why do I have fungus beetles?

Adult and larvae fungal beetles feed on fungi growing on high moisture grains, so if they’ve invaded your home or business, it’s possible you do not have optimal storage conditions.

They are attracted to fungal spores on cereal grains, wheat, barley, oats, bran, rice, flour, bread, and dried fruit, often invading granaries, warehouses, mills, cellars, and homes.

Female fungus beetles like to lay their eggs in these food products, to give the emerging larvae plenty of potential fungi on which to feast when they hatch.

Fungus beetles can also be found on mouldy plant and animal material, on ripening crops before harvest, and in decaying ears of corn in the fields.

How worried should I be about fungus beetles?

While fungal beetles do not directly eat the food they are infesting, they can transmit fungal spores and promote excessive mould growth there.

For business owners, presence of mould and beetles in a food product can lead to rejection of sales, reduced market value, and a loss of reputation.

Pesticides and fumigants available can be poisonous and do not remove the cause of your fungal beetle problem. For effective eradication, you need a professional pest control service.

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