You may have been tricked by the plastic bats and fake spider webs in your neighbourhood, but the pests trying to make your house their home can be the scariest trick during Halloween. From rodents trying to trick or treat inside your home to flies trying to enjoy your jack-o’-lanterns, pests are always looking for ways to get into the Halloween spirit (and your home).

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in trying to pest proof your home, as your Orkin Canada Pro has put together a list of 4 quick tips that will help you keep pests out this Halloween.

4 Quick Tips To Keep Your Halloween Pest-Free

Inspect Costumes & Decorations For Pests

For those who store their costumes and decorations away yearly and bring them out during this time of the year, odds are pests have probably made their way into boxes and decor looking for a quiet place to harbour and escape the cold or just looking to feast.

It is important to thoroughly inspect any stored decor and costumes to avoid spreading pests to other parts of your home or even get bitten. Certain pests such as spiders and centipedes can also bite if they feel threatened, which can occur if the pest is trapped within a costume or a decoration that is suddenly worn, touched or moved.

Common Pests You Should Be Watching Out For:

Monitor Jack-O’-Lanterns for Pest Activity

When pumpkins are curved, the exposed juicy flesh and smell can be an attractant and breeding source for small flies. It is important to watch out for the curved pumpkins or any jack-o’-lanterns that may have leftover pumpkin flesh, as pests will look for easy access to food. It is also important to avoid keeping any decaying pumpkins after Halloween/it has served its purpose.

Orkin Canada’s Service Manager Chris Campbell tells us why it’s imporant to dispose of your pumpkins after Halloween is over.

Common Pests You Should Be Watching Out For:

Put All Candies In Well Closed Containers

Candy and Halloween often go hand in hand, but you are not the only one with the sweet tooth. The sugary nature of candies are an ideal attractant for a variety of pests because these food sources are energizing options fuel them every day.

Common Pests You Should Be Watching Out For:

Keep Doors Closed In Between Trick Or Treaters

Throughout Halloween night, trick or treaters can be a common occurrence. This often results in having to frequently open the door or in some cases even leaving your doors open. By leaving your door open, this can provide pests with an easy entry way, especially during this time of the year, when the weather gets colder.

Common Pests You Should Be Watching Out For:

We hope you are able to implement these tips to ensure a pest-free Halloween. Remember, if you are dealing with a spooky pest situation, your Orkin Canada Pro is always there to help. Contact your local Orkin Canada branch today!