Spring has arrived, and the pests are already starting to make their usual rounds. As they seek food, water and shelter, your home is like a bug and rodent oasis just waiting to be occupied. But nobody likes surprise invaders in their living space, which is why it’s crucial to recognize the most common threats and take action to prevent them.

Here are three pests you’re almost guaranteed to see this season:

  • Spiders: Entering through tiny cracks and crevices, spiders usually take to basements, crawlspaces or dry, warm areas near air vents and attics.
  • Ants: Ants can slip in through small openings and build nests quickly. These bugs can usually be found near water and food sources throughout the home.
  • Flies: Keep flies from finding their way into your home by sealing cracks and gaps that offer flies a way inside.

Fortunately, you can help prevent all of these pests from entering your home. Take the following steps to lessen your chances of a pest invasion:

  • Clean up loose food items – Check in your kitchen area, as well as trashcans and other garbage disposal units around your home, for any exposed food and get rid of it.
  • Eliminate moisture sources – That means leaky faucets, pipes or other unintentional sources. Pests need water to thrive.
  • Reduce overall clutter – Unused items lying around your home can provide cover for pests. Clean up around the house to make sure they have no places to hide.

Need a quick reference guide for all of this? You can also download our expert tip sheet here.

2020 Spring Pest Guide English