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  • Colour Dark brown to black
  • Size Workers are about 3 mm long
  • Description Crazy ants have unusually long legs and antennae with 12 segments
  • Notes Crazy ants move quickly and erratically.

Why do I have crazy ants

Crazy ants prefer the soil of potted tropical plants, but also nest in mulch, garbage, rotten wood, tree cavities. Outdoors, they feed on dead and live insects, nectar, aphids, honeydew, seeds, and overripe fruit.

In homes, the pests gather inside walls and appliances and will feed on almost anything in your kitchen, including meats, sweets, grease, and liquids.

How worried should I be about crazy ants

Crazy ant colonies have multiple queens, meaning the ants breed at an alarming rate. After just a few weeks, you could have millions of crazy ants in your home. Not only is this disturbing, it also throws local ecosystems out of balance, displacing honey bees and other ants.

Once inside your home, crazy ants totally take over, crawling through kitchens and other rooms in their distinct, erratic manner, swarming relentlessly in a disorganized, irrational manner when they find a food source.

Crazy ants can also short-circuit electrical devices, like televisions and AC units, when they nest inside. People living with crazy ant infestations have reported a constant skin-crawling sensation and a sense of helplessness.

Due to the high rate of reproduction of crazy ants, it is imperative you take action as soon as you suspect an infestation. Only a professional pest control service will be able to stop a crazy ant infestation in their tracks and stop them coming back.

How can I prevent crazy ants invading

Wipe up spills and crumbs immediately, Vacuum your home frequently, Repair broken window and door screens, Seal any holes along the building’s exterior

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