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  • Colour Shiny black
  • Size Up to 2 mm long
  • Description Antennae have 12 segments, with a club of three segments at the tip. Their thorax is evenly rounded and they have two segments or nodes between the thorax and abdomen.

Why do I have little black ants

Little black ants are found in open areas of lawns or under stones, bricks, timber, and logs, building nests in loose soil, decaying wood, and underneath rocks.

Outdoors, little black ants like eating pollen, other insects, and the honeydew produced by pests like aphids. But they are attracted to human homes by sugars, proteins, oils, greasy foods, candy, fruit, meat, cornmeal, peanut butter, and crumbs.

Their tiny size allows them to easily gain entry to homes and then infiltrate commercial food packaging.

How worried should I be about little black ants

Little black ants can contaminate food, leaving it inedible and their trailing behaviour quickly attracts scores more ants to your home. If left unchecked, little black ants can fill every crack and crevice. To truly end this infestation, you need professional pest control services.

How can I prevent little black ants invading

Store food in airtight containers, Immediately wipe up or vacuum spills, Keep kitchens and bathrooms clean, Repair torn door and window screens, Install threshold fillers under doors

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