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Moles are small, burrowing mammals that are well-known for their ability to create extensive networks of tunnels and burrows in lawns, gardens, and other outdoor spaces. While moles may seem harmless, their burrowing habits can actually cause a range of damage to your property. If you’ve noticed patches of dirt on your lawn, small mounds of soil, or are having issues with growing your garden, it’s best to contact your local mole control team at Orkin Canada.

Potential Damages Caused by Moles

Moles commonly damage lawns and gardens. As moles dig their tunnels and burrows, they can uproot grass and plants, creating unsightly bare patches and damaging the aesthetic appeal of your yard. In addition, the soil excavated by moles can leave mounds or ridges on the surface of a lawn, making it difficult to mow or walk on.

Since moles live the majority of their lives underground, they may continue to burrow and cause further damage than what can be seen above ground. Damage to irrigation systems and other underground infrastructure, including water lines, electrical wiring, and other buried utility lines, is also possible due to a mole infestation. As moles dig, they may inadvertently damage these structures, leading to costly repairs and potential safety hazards.

Another issue caused by moles is their attraction to insects and other small invertebrates that they feed on. While moles themselves may not be harmful to plants, the insects they seek out and consume can be, which draws moles closer to garden beds and other greenery areas. When moles burrow toward these spaces, it can potentially lead to further damage to lawns and gardens.

In addition, moles and their tunnels may attract other pests to your property, such as mice, rats, and snakes. Rodents take advantage of the tunnels dug by moles to eat similar insects and potentially settle into new nests. Snakes eat moles and can easily travel through burrows, cropping up in your garden or other areas on your property.

Causing Stress and Frustration

It’s not uncommon to feel strong emotions of frustration when dealing with a mole infestation. The constant digging and burrowing of moles can be a significant source of irritation, particularly if you take pride in the appearance of your yard. These pests are difficult to see and can be even more challenging to remove on your own, especially since many conventional removal methods won’t work on these pests. As a result, it’s best to be proactive when it comes to mole control. You can start by contacting your Orkin Canada Pro to fully understand the extent of the infestation and begin control operations.

Why are Moles Invading My Property?

Moles are found throughout North America and are driven by their natural instincts to burrow and search for food. It might not be just one reason that moles are attracted to your property, but a few. Their behaviour can be predictable, but nevertheless, a pain to those who would prefer to have green grass and keep their dirt below their lawn.


One reason moles may invade properties is the availability of food. Moles primarily feed on earthworms, grubs, and other small invertebrates that live in the soil. If these food sources are present on a property, moles may be attracted to the area.


Another reason moles may invade properties is the availability of suitable habitats. Moles prefer loose, well-drained soil that is easy to dig in. If a property has loose, sandy soil or soil that has been recently disturbed, it may be an attractive habitat for moles.

By understanding the reasons why moles might invade your property, you can look for the signs that can help you determine if these pests have found their way into your yard. From there, you can take the appropriate measures to control and remove them by getting in touch with Orkin’s mole pest control services.

Your Local Mole Control Team

There are numerous benefits to contacting Orkin Canada to handle your mole removal. Peace of mind is important when dealing with any kind of pest, and without the proper procedures, tools, and expertise, your infestation could worsen or cause more frustration than it already has. Moles may carry parasites or diseases, so we review the situation we are dealing with to ensure we are equipped to handle it in the right way.

When you choose our team to handle your mole infestation, we take every precaution necessary. You’ll also benefit from:

Expertise and Experience

We have a deep understanding of mole behaviour and the most effective ways to control their populations. Our team takes the time to assess the full extent of your problem before coming up with a strategic plan that accounts for mole behaviour, so removal can be tackled from all angles.

Long-Term Prevention

Once removal is complete, we will provide advice on how to prevent moles from returning in the future. This may include strategies such as removing food sources, installing barriers, or modifying landscaping practices. We can also apply treatments in certain areas of your yard to prevent moles from reentering burrows and tunnels.

Access to Specialized Equipment

Our specialized equipment can be used to remove moles from a property. This equipment is often more effective than what you may have on hand, or what is sold in your local department store. Our methods include the following:

  • Traps that are capable of fitting in existing burrows
  • Burrowing rodent control devices designed to facilitate straightforward removal

Proper Removal

Removing moles can be a dangerous task, particularly if the moles have damaged underground utility lines or other infrastructure. This could mean that walking along certain areas is dangerous due to instability in the ground or live wires that could pose risk if traps or our team get too close. We take every precaution to minimize the risk of further property damage and develop a plan to determine the most efficient and effective removal possible.

At Orkin Canada, we’re here to help when it comes to pest problems. To learn more about our local mole control services, contact us

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