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  • Colour Black, gray, pale yellow
  • Size From 6 mm to 32 mm long
  • Description Stout-bodied, with very large, brilliant, iridescent coloured compound eyes and prominent mouthparts. Some species have stripes on their abdomens.
  • Notes Strong fliers that can easily disperse over long distances.
horse fly on white background

Why do I have horse flies

The horse fly, and the similar deer fly, feed on sugar from flower nectars. However, just before laying eggs, the females bite and suck the blood of larger mammals, including humans, to get a “blood meal” needed for egg development.

As their names suggest, deer flies prefer to bite deer, while horse flies prefer horses – however, they will both attack other animals too.

How worried should I be about horse flies

Horse flies and deer flies are a nuisance because of their painful bites. The pests are also known to transmit several pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and parasites that can cause diseases in humans, livestock and wild animals.

Adult flies can be difficult to control because of their outdoor water related breeding sites and the ability for adults to travel long distances, so to truly eliminate a horse fly infestation, you’ll need to focus on bite prevention and exclusion with the help of a professional pest control service.

How can I avoid horse fly bites

Try to avoid wooded or forested areas on long, hot, humid days, Use appropriately labelled insect repellant, Wear protective clothing and fine mesh head netting, Use screens on doors and windows to keep them out, Selective use of insect light traps will help control indoor influx

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