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  • Colour Grey
  • Size From 4 mm to 22 mm long
  • Description Have a checked pattern on top of their abdomen alongside three black stripes running along the top of their thorax and red eyes.
flesh fly

How to prevent Flesh flies from invading

Keep your property and clean sanitary. Remove all potential food and breeding sources. Seal and repair screens and holes. Use sticky insect traps or insect light traps to capture them.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why do I have flesh flies?

Flesh flies like to live close to animal carcasses, which they use as breeding sites and for food. In fact, forensic scientists often use flesh flies as indicators for how long a body has been dead.

They are also attracted to carrion, decaying faeces, organic waste, larvae, and nymphs, and frequently infest industrial buildings, like meat processing and packing facilities.

How worried should I be about flesh flies?

Flesh flies don’t bite humans, but can infest wounds. Their larvae can even burrow through wounds into healthy flesh, and food contaminated by the larvae can cause intestinal infections if consumed. Flesh flies can also transmit diseases including diarrhoea and dysentery.

To eradicate and prevent a flesh fly infestation, you will need to take interior and exterior measures as part of an integrated pest management program with profession pest control services.

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