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  • Colour Dark brown
  • Size 3 mm long
  • Also known as Sphaerocerid flies
  • Description Can only fly for short distances or move about in quick jumps.

How to prevent Dung flies from invading

Remove wet organic matter. Remove outdoor standing water. Clean interior drains and plumbing. Clean under kitchen equipment. Remove food waste from kitchen.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why do I have dung flies?

Dung flies, also known as sphaerocerid flies, like to eat and breed on damp organic matter, as found in compost, clogged drains, standing water, animal droppings, animal carcasses, animal feed waste, and on dirty kitchen floors.

They are attracted to animal pens, commercial chicken houses, and unsanitary conditions within dwellings. They typically enter through open doors and windows, cracks in the wall, and gaps in the floor. Once inside, unsanitary conditions encourage them to stay and breed large populations.

How worried should I be about dung flies?

Dung flies can carry and transmit disease causing bacteria and spread pathogens when they land on food or contact food preparation surfaces.To effectively eradicate them, you need the help of a professional pest control service to create an integrated pest management program focused on sanitation.

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