Cockroaches have been bugging businesses for the entirety of human existence. And whether they’re scurrying through the facility, snacking on crumbs in employee break rooms or making their way through the sewer, they are more than just a nuisance. These tiny pests can also contaminate products within your facility, so it’s important to handle a cockroach sighting as soon as possible to prevent these pests from making your property their next home.

Signs of a Cockroach Problem

No matter where they’re hiding in your building, cockroaches leave behind tiny clues that let you know they’re nearby. As your maintenance and sanitation teams routinely inspect the facility, instruct them to keep an eye out for these red flags:

  • Pepper-like droppings. As roaches move throughout your facility, they leave behind tiny droppings that have the same appearance as black pepper.
  • Egg casings. Cockroach nymphs leave behind brown, oblong casings when they emerge from their oothecae.
  • Musty smells. During decomposition, certain roaches produce a pungent or putrid odour that can smell like musty oil.
  • Cockroaches. This seems pretty obvious, but spotting a cockroach during the day means there are likely many more hiding nearby. Cockroaches are nocturnal and will leave their hiding places during the day due to overcrowding.

Cockroach Hiding Spots

As your maintenance teams keep an eye out for cockroach activity, there are a few places they should pay special attention to. Common cockroach hot spots include:

  • Appliances and equipment. Machinery and common appliances give off heat and condensation that is attractive to roaches. Be sure to check behind and underneath all equipment for signs of these pests.
  • Cardboard and paper stacks. Paper, envelope glue and cardboard can all attract cockroaches, who have a penchant for paper materials. Cockroaches are even known to eat the glue that holds cardboard together, so be sure to declutter your space.
  • Kitchens. Even the smallest crumb can become a cockroach’s next meal. With plenty of food and shelter, kitchens, common spaces and employee break rooms can harbour these persistent pests. Help avoid cockroach problems by keeping these areas clean, removing crumbs or spills immediately and practicing proper waste removal.
  • Cabinets. From copy rooms to desk drawers, cockroaches are known to escape the hustle and bustle of your workplace inside the shelter of cabinets and furniture. When monitoring for cockroach activity, be sure to check any nooks and crannies inside large pieces of furniture to ensure a thorough inspection.

Guide to understanding and preventing cockroaches

Cockroaches can be difficult to control, and sometimes, proper maintenance and sanitation isn’t enough. To learn more about how to identify and eliminate cockroaches from your business, download this comprehensive guide. For help defending against cockroaches, call Orkin Canada today.