While you can’t prevent your relatives from embarrassing you this Thanksgiving, you can prevent pests from joining you at the table. With plenty of food and the opportunity for dropped crumbs and spilled drinks, Thanksgiving is any pest’s favourite holiday. But you can send pests packing this year by kicking them out the door before they even step inside.

Top 5 Tips to Prevent Pests

Pests should be the last thing on your mind as you sit down at the table for your family dinner. These top five tips can help you keep pests away from your home – and out of the mashed potatoes – this fall.

  1. Keep it covered. Flies, cockroaches and rodents aren’t picky eaters, so a tasty Thanksgiving meal is too good for pests to resist. While food is sitting on the table or counter, keep it covered to prevent pests from taking a dip in your dish.
  2. Clean it up. Spilled food and residue on counter tops can be tempting to pests searching for their next food source. Wipe down any surfaces that have been touched by food to eliminate any residue and deter pests.
  3. Throw it out. Food waste that gets tossed in the trash makes the perfect meal for any hungry pest. Take out the trash after you are done cleaning up, and be sure all garbage is place in a covered bin away from your home to limit any potential pest attractors near your house.
  4. Put it away. Leftovers make a great next meal for pests, too. So, place any leftover food in tightly sealed containers and store it properly in the fridge. Avoid storing leftovers in paper bags or to-go containers that can be easily accessed by pests.
  5. Stop the stench. Is the smell of your Thanksgiving meal lingering in your home? Strong odours travel easily and can attract pests right to your kitchen. Use odour-neutralizing products to eliminate scents from engulfing your home.

Pests aren’t on the menu this Thanksgiving – and we want to help you keep it that way. Contact your local Orkin Canada branch to learn more about how you can prevent pest populations in your home this holiday season.