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Within proximity to Brampton and Mississauga, Georgetown is a community in Halton Hills surrounded by greenery. The forests and streams make it an ideal area for families to appreciate convenient amenities while taking in a breath of fresh air. However, these same features that attract many people to Georgetown are also a draw for pests.

Rural areas near urban settings are often harbingers of pests because they provide many shelter opportunities. Pests can quickly move from cities to small towns without warning, causing the need for pest control in Georgetown. Orkin Canada is here to help! Our highly trained local Georgetown Orkin Pros have the knowledge for proper pest management techniques, including treatments, to remove pests. After identifying the issue, we proceed with removal and preventative measures to ensure a comprehensive strategy.

Your Orkin Pro is available to help in Norval, Limehouse, Stewarttown, Glen Williams, and surrounding areas.

Residential Pest Control Services in Georgetown

Commercial Pest Control Services in Georgetown

Hiring pest control in Georgetown is not a matter you take lightly. At Orkin Canada, our team understands this. Each technician goes through a rigorous high-level training program backed by industry-leading knowledge to ensure they are qualified to deal with any pest concern. Your Orkin Canada Pro can formulate a treatment plan based on your unique pest problem and apply targeted treatments for management as necessary.

Our residential pest control services focus on all areas of your home’s property, locating and treating the source of any pest-related problem.. If you face ongoing issues or simply want to ensure security for your home, our Annual Pest Control Program is ideal for year-round surveillance and maintenance.

A commercial property differs slightly from a home. Pests can threaten the structure of a building, the security of staff and customers, and a business’s reputation. Orkin Canada wants to ensure pests don’t cause problems,  which is why we offer new commercial client’s free consultations. Our commercial pest control services in Georgetown also include an Integrated Pest Control Program, which provides a more comprehensive and ongoing strategy for your business.

Common Pests in Georgetown

Pests are adaptive and often conspicuous when invading properties. You may be unaware of a problem until it has grown to a large capacity and is impossible to deal with on your own, which is often the case with rodents. Mice and rats rapidly expand their populations under the right conditions and can thrive almost anywhere. Wildlife seeks to be close to humans for food; in the process, they can be destructive as they find shelter.

Various insects can find their way onto your property undetected due to their size, like ants. Once they find a food source, removal without targeted applications can be ineffective. Spiders prefer to hide under furniture or in basements as they grow to become a serious problem. Whether indoors or out, wasps and hornets can fit through small openings in search of the right place for a nest. Once built, the nest poses a serious threat to anyone who gets too close.

Although you are unlikely to find them in nature, bed bugs are pests that cause serious complications for home and business owners alike. They attach to soft surfaces and await the opportunity to disperse. Bed bugs then reproduce exponentially, making them one of the most challenging pests to get rid of.

Orkin Canada has you covered when it comes to pest control in Georgetown. Our team will dedicate the time to review your property, plan and execute removal and provide prevention tips to keep your home or business pest-free.

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