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ontario province image Homeowners in London can reduce the number of pests that invade their homes by doing a few simple things. Pests like earwigs, millipedes, and sowbugs like to hide in damp areas. In rainy weather, these pests often migrate into the house. Mulch in flowerbeds is an ideal environment for these creatures. Homeowners can make a barrier by raking the mulch back 12” away from the foundation. This will also help prevent cockroaches and ants from invading. Moving firewood as far away from the house as possible will help too. Many insects, including moths and crickets, are attracted to lights. Homeowners often find large numbers of insects on porches and under windowsills. There are often spider webs in these areas as well, because the spiders are attracted by the insect activity. Turning off un-necessary lights and changing porch light bulbs to yellow “bug lights” will make the home less attractive to insects and spiders. Homeowners can also keep insects and mice out by repairing weather stripping. Someone should stand outside at night and look at the house. If light is showing around exterior doors, there is enough room for pests to enter. London map

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Your Orkin Man performed a pest control inspection yesterday at my home. I am very impressed with his professionalism as well as his attitude. He performed a very thorough inspection and was extremely knowledgeable as well as informative.