Snakes throughout the Country

About 26 different types of snakes call Canada home. Most inhabit the southern part of the country, where temperatures are warm. Laying eggs requires a warm climate, which is why about half of Canada’s snake species bear live young.

Dangerous Canadian Snakes

Massasauga rattlesnake

The massasauga rattlesnake lives in Ontario‘s Georgian Bay. Measuring between 50 and 70 cm, this species can be hostile towards animals and people. Their venomous bites cause acute pain and is fatal.

Northern Pacific (western) rattlesnake

Located in British Columbia, Northern Pacific rattlesnakes have venom that destroys blood cells. These venomous snakes blend well with grass and dirt because of their dark brown bodies and irregular markings.

Other Dangerous Snake Species

There are a few more dangerous species among the different types of snakes in Canada. In Alberta and southern Saskatchewan, prairie rattlesnake bites are rarely fatal but can cause serious disorientation. The desert nightsnake is not venomous but does have saliva that is toxic.

Non-venomous Snakes in Canada

Some common species like the garter snake live further into the Northwest Territories, while bull snakes thrive only in the country’s southern regions. If you have any type of snake infestation around the home, call Orkin Canada for efficient pest removal.