It’s Time to Sniff Out Pests

No business is immune to foul odours. Unpleasant scents can originate from many sources, some of which are outside your control. And eliminating the stench can be tough, as odours with an organic base are persistent and can linger long after the source is removed. In fact, 79% of cleaning professional assistance say removing odour is their biggest challenge! Here are some of the most common problem areas:

  • Washrooms: Develop a stringent sanitation schedule for washrooms and consider installing automatic cleaners.
  • Garbage rooms: Be sure to keep tight-fitting lids on all trash cans and hose down garbage and compactor rooms regularly.
  • Break rooms: Take out the trash daily and make sure food items aren’t left to rot in employee lockers.

Controlling odour is critical, as foul smells do more than repel customers – they also attract some of the filthiest pests:

  • Flies: Flies feed on rotting meat, trash and sewage – and then regurgitate on the surfaces where they land, spreading contaminants and disease.
  • Rodents: A single mouse can produce 49 droppings per day, meaning they are constant contaminators.
  • Cockroaches: Cockroaches will eat almost anything, including garbage and decaying material, but they can survive a month without food, giving them plenty of time to sniff out their next meal.
  • Ants: When ants sniff out a food source, they leave a chemical scent trail for others to follow, so a marching ant army won’t be far behind.

Sniff Out Pests document

But don’t worry – Orkin Canada’s suite of odour control products can help remediate your problem at the source! For more about the pests sniffing out your workplace, download this quick reference guide.