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Springtime brings a variety of pests to the homes and gardens of Winnipeg. Many crawling insects come into houses in search of food, water, or shelter. Ants are very common in Manitoba and many species can be found in Winnipeg.

Many ant species, such as the Thatching ant, the Turf grass ant, and the Yellow meadow ant build mounds in yards. These ants may forage in a home for food occasionally, but they are primarily outdoor insects.

Other ant species, like the Odorous House ants will make their nests in flowerbeds. They gather honeydew from aphids on the plants. When the aphids disappear, the Odorous House ants move into the home for food.

Thief ants are also found in Winnipeg. These tiny ants move into homes and make their nests in cracks and crevices. Homeowners may spot a trail of Thief ants marching along a baseboard in search of food. These pests can be very difficult to control.

Carpenter ants are also common. These large ants prefer to forage at night. They enter homes on tree branches or utility lines that touch the home. When the carpenter ants find a food source inside the home, they often make a nest nearby.

When carpenter ants make their nest, they prefer to hollow out a cavity in a piece of wood. As they do this, the ant workers can cause extensive damage. Since most of their activity is in hidden areas, like the attic, these ants can cause serious damage before they are discovered. Winnipeg map