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alberta province image Homeowners must cope with a variety of pests in Calgary. There are insects, birds, and even animals that try to move into the home for food or shelter. There are at least 100 types of ants in Canada and they are common pests in Calgary. Many ant species live in yards and gardens and eat insects. They move indoors and become nuisances when the weather gets harsh. Carpenter ants can be especially troublesome because they excavate wood to make their nests. This nesting can cause significant damage to a home over an extended period. Small birds sometimes nest in gutters and downspouts of homes. Larger birds, like pigeons, can deface the home with their droppings. They sometimes bring diseases and parasites with them when they invade. Burrowing animals, such as gophers, can damage lawns and gardens. Squirrels often move into the home to make their nests. Larger animals, like skunks, can be very disruptive if they get into a home’s crawlspace or garage.

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