Stop and Smell the Roses

Did you know we are 100 times more likely to remember something we smell than something we see, hear or taste?

As one of our most powerful senses, scent lingers – both in a room and in our memory. While foul odours cause us to turn up our noses, pleasant scents can leave a lasting, positive impression on customers and guests. In fact, the American Marketing Association reports people stay up to 44% longer in businesses that smell good.

Businesses have taken advantage of this knowledge and turned to scent marketing as a tool for encouraging potential customers to stay in their business longer and buy more. And it works! In one scent marketing study, shoppers were 84% more likely to buy a pair of shoes in a scented room than in a non-scented room.

But not just any fragrance will do the trick. The scent itself impacts emotion, evaluation and intent. Here are a couple of the most popular scents and their effect on our mood:

  • Citrus: boosts energy and alertness
  • Mint: boosts motivation and performance
  • Herbal: decreases tension and creates and sense of balance

So, how can you get your business up to snuff? Orkin Canada Scent Services puts the power of scent in your hands with two expert solutions – AirRemedy RX™ for odour remediation and AirSpa™ for scent delivery.

Guide to understanding the power of scents

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