Are cluster flies all the buzz around your home or business? With plenty of food, water and shelter, the places we live and work offer ideal habitats for these pests. To keep your property fly-free, you need to keep an eye out for potential points of entry and take preventive measures.

Year-Round Nuisance

While these pests do not pose a significant health threat, they can quickly become a nuisance around your property. Cluster flies are most commonly found around windows and light fixtures and are attracted to organic debris.

Cluster flies appear indoors during warmer months and can leave stains on walls and ceilings where they make contact. These flies are attracted to warm, sunny areas, and facilities surrounded by large, open lawns are susceptible to activity during the summer and fall. Isolated, protected spots like wall voids are the ideal hibernation destination during the winter.

No-Fly Zone

Make sure your space is a no-fly zone by implementing these top prevention tips:

  • Seal exterior cracks and crevices
  • Ensure window, door and vent screens are in good condition
  • Install light traps in safe, enclosed spaces
  • Use a vacuum to help eliminate dead flies indoors

Shoo Flies, Don’t Bother Me

Don’t let cluster flies be a bother on your property. Your local Orkin Canada team can help identify potential cluster fly hotspots around your home or facility and create a pest control plan that works for you. For more information on cluster flies, download this quick reference sheet.

Tip sheet to preventing cluster flies