As a franchise owner, you know how critical it is to keep pests out of each of your locations. Just one sighting could result in negative reviews, customer complaints, failed inspections and more. Plus, a major infestation could threaten the well-being of your company – with the potential for lost business, litigation, a PR crisis or a complete shutdown.
Having the right pest management partner in place can help you avoid these situations altogether. But with so many options, how you do choose the right one?

Here are five key characteristics you should look for:

Practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM). If the provider doesn’t offer IPM, it’s best to move on. This best-practice approach centers on environmentally-friendly preventive measures, focusing on targeted treatment applications only as a last resort.

Has specific experience and knowledge to do the job. How long has the provider been in business? What kind of training or certifications do they offer for their specialists? Be ready to ask questions that reveal credibility.

Services multiple locations seamlessly. A provider should have multiple locations, ideally near each of your franchises. They should be able to consistently offer swift and convenient service to every part of your network.

Follows up and measures effectiveness. A great pest management provider’s job is never quite finished. They should have a plan in place to continually monitor and audit your company’s locations to ensure you’re in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Guarantees their service. Providers make a lot of promises, but not all of them can back them up – and you can’t afford to gamble with pest management. For greater peace of mind, choose a provider that guarantees quick responses to emergencies, as well as total satisfaction for their service.

When operating your franchises, don’t waste time hiring the wrong partners – especially when it comes to keeping unwanted pests out. Following the tips above will help you choose the right pest management provider the first time around and avoid headaches later.

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