To avoid bringing along an unwanted travel companion, be sure to keep these five tips in mind during your next vacation:

  1. Inspect your room. Before settling in, check your room for bed bug activity. Keep an eye out for dark, ink-like stains on bedding, mattresses and box springs.
  2. Store luggage properly. Place your suitcase in the tub during your stay to help prevent bed bugs from making their way into your belongings.
  3. Avoid unpacking. Live out of your suitcase throughout your trip. Your clothes are more likely to pick up bed bugs when moved to closets or drawers, so avoid unpacking and keep your suitcase off the floor on a luggage rack if the bathtub is not an option.
  4. Do your laundry. Immediately wash and dry your clothes when you return home. The longer clothes sit in the hamper, the more time bed bugs have to spread. 
  5. Store the suitcase. Once you are home, store your suitcase in the garage or attic. If you did pick up bed bugs, you don’t want them invading your bedroom.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite on your next trip. Download these savvy travel tips to keep bed bugs from tagging along on your next vacation. 

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