Everyone loves a good party, but so do pests. For those looking to host a successful party, it is important to be aware of the possibility of having some uninvited guests…we mean pests. Whether you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, throwing a birthday bash, or enjoying a night in with friends, remember that pests are popular party favours that may be left behind.

There are many ways that pests can join your party – whether it is hitchhiking on guests who knowingly or unknowingly have infestations at their residence, through public transit, or even from those who may have inadvertently brought hitchhiking pests from prior social events.

While there’s not much you can do to prevent these pests from entering your home via your guests, you can take precautions to nip the problem at the source and avoid an infestation. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a few tips to make sure your party stays pest-free.

Tips to Maintain A Pest-Free Party

Before the gathering ….

Set A Designated Area for Storing Your Guests’ Belongings

 When inviting guests into your home, it’s a good idea to set a designated courtesy space for them to leave their belongings. Whether it’s a storage box, an empty closet, or a clean room, placing items in an enclosed space can prevent hitchhiking pests from being brought into your home.

It’s important that the space you choose is decluttered, so you can keep an eye out for any bugs that were not on the guest list!

Pests To Watch Out For:

Install Monitors

Installing insect monitors around your home before inviting over family, friends, or excited football fans will help pick up any introduced bugs that may be making their way around your property. It’s recommended that you install monitors in both the designated guest area, and in the main gathering room. It also important to place these monitors in strategic locations where pests may be more active and follow the label directions to cover all potential areas.

Don’t worry, your friends and family don’t have to notice. You can hide these monitors discreetly, such as underneath a couch, to ensure a pest-free party: visually and physically!

Pests To Watch Out For:

Closely Inspect Food and Gifts for Pests

No one likes to show up to a Super Bowl party empty handed. Although gifts are a nice gesture from your guests, they could potentially be carriers for pests into the home.

To avoid this, closely inspect food and gift packaging upon arrival. It’s crucial that you wrap up any packaging in plastic bags with a tight knot for disposal as soon as possible, to avoid letting potential insects escape!

Pests To Watch Out For:

Keep Doors Closed

Whenever there’s a large group of people celebrating in one place, doors are often being opened and closed. Whether it’s for a smoke break or some fresh air during Super Bowl commercials, it’s crucial that you ensure your guests are closing the door behind them to avoid inviting bugs and rodents inside.

Pests To Watch Out For:

Post-Party Precautions:

Keep Tidy

The party may be over and your guests are all gone, but if there are crumbs and other leftover food easily accessible, pests may stay for the “after party”. Cleaning up your home as soon as possible is the most effective way to ensure pests have no reason to stay behind.

When storing food, make sure to use containers with a tight seal for leftovers. If you are disposing of any organic waste, use bags that will not leak or allow odours to escape. Cleaning up beverage spills and emptying half-full alcohol and juice bottles will help avoid attracting pests to your home. Additionally, courtesy bedding including bedsheets and pillow coverings used by guests should be put in the dryer for 20 minutes at its hottest setting to get rid any potential pests.

Pests To Watch Out For:

Be Proactive

When it comes to pests, it is important to be proactive in order to prevent insects, rodents and other pests from becoming the life of the party. Decluttering your space beforehand and cleaning it immediately after can put a stop to pests spoiling your fun.

Canine Inspection

Bed bugs are often the uninvited guest of any social gathering, so it is likely that you see them after your Super Bowl gathering. You can prevent these pests by ensuring guests don’t leave their coats, backpacks, or other belongings on couches or beds.

If you notice any symptoms of bed bugs, such as red marks on your sheets or itchy and swollen bumps upon waking, it is a good idea to contact a professional pest control provider to schedule a K9 inspection and let the dogs filter out any possible bed bugs or eggs!

Pests To Watch Out For:

We hope these tips will help keep your home pest free after a night with friends, family, and football. Remember, if you notice signs of pests in your home, don’t hesitate to contact your local Orkin Pro.