Bat Prevention

Bats are beneficial to the environment and help control mosquito populations, but they sometimes get too close for comfort. When the pests roost on or inside homes, residents often look for fast, easy methods in commercially available repellents. Unfortunately, repelling bats is hard work that requires an eye for long-term control, which most common products do not provide.

Common Bat Repellents

Somewhere along the way, mothballs became associated with bat prevention. The smell of naphthalene, the active ingredient in mothballs, is disliked by the pests. However, using them to keep bats away is impractical. First, the smell dissipates quickly, which means homeowners will have to replace them regularly to repel bats. Next, the amount required to generate enough odour is so large, it will waft into human living spaces.

There are products that promise to keep bats away electronically or ultrasonically, by emitting light or sound. These can be expensive and are generally ineffective over time. There are also aerosol sprays marketed for use against cats and dogs that are repurposed to repel bats. However, they are typically inadequate, as well.

Professional Exclusion

There is no magic product to repel bats. The most reliable way to bat-proof your property is to contact the professionals at Orkin. Our trained specialists will conduct the proper inspections and take the right steps toward prevention and removal.