Rodenticide Free Alternatives For Rat & Mice Control

Orkin Canada offers a number of different rodent control services including rodenticide free alternatives. With over 65+ years of pest management experience Orkin Canada knows that each situation requires customized solutions that are both effective and have the smallest environmental impact possible.

We are always researching new and innovative green alternatives to rat and mice control that are humane, safe, effective, sustainable and raptor friendly. We know that every situation is different and because of that we do thorough inspections to assess and determine the most effective and suitable control methods to be used.

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Orkin Canada is proud to be certified with both QualityPro and GreenPro.Quality Pro Certificate

What is a raptor safe rodent control program?

Many people are under the impression that natural predators are able to keep rodent populations in check. While this may be the case in rural or natural settings, this is not the case in urban environments. Orkin Canada can design programs to supplement the natural predation of rodents in urban environments in a safe, humane manner.

A raptor safe program uses traps, exclusion and habitat modification in a way meant to help protect raptors and non-target wildlife by eliminating the use of rodenticides and the possibility of secondary poisonings from them.

You can consider installing raptor perches and/or nesting boxes around the perimeter of your property to assist with natural predation.

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Rodenticide-Free Rat And Mice Control

Rodents can spread disease, vector pathogens, contaminate food, and destroy property, wiring, and machinery. For these reasons, it is necessary to perform rodent control services to protect human health and property.

Rodenticides are an efficient means of rodent control, but may not be suitable for all situations.

There are a number of alternative methods of rat and mice control that are both effective and humane.

When choosing a rodent control method Orkin Canada will consider the risk to human health and property, the scale of the infestation, and the surrounding environment when recommending the right choice for you.

At Orkin Canada our preferred rodenticide-free rat and mice control services include:

Exclusion Services

Rodents are incredibly flexible. Rats can sneak into holes the size of a quarter, whereas mice can squeeze their flexible bodies into dime-sized openings. With this in mind, it’s essential to seal off all entry points to buildings. Exclusion services will include any vulnerable points or structural gaps of your building. These can include drainpipes, air vents, cracks and crevices, damaged foundations, and entry points near doors (rodent proof door sweeps are crucial). Exclusion efforts are a critical part of any Integrated Pest Management solution and will keep rodents from entering in the first place. Contact Orkin Canada for a quote on your exclusion needs.

Habitat Modification

One of the best ways to prevent pests is to make the outside surroundings of a building unattractive to them, and we accomplish this through habitat modification. This prevention process will minimize potential nesting sites and aid in reducing food and water sources. Contact Orkin Canada for a detailed inspection and list of recommendations for your property.

Areas ripe for habitat modification will include, but are not limited to:

  1. TRASH AREAS: Dumpsters, trash cans and other waste disposal areas are a haven for pests if not maintained properly. Dumpsters need to be emptied regularly to prevent overflowing. Dumpsters should be kept as far away from the building as possible, as they serve as a “jumping off” point for pests to get indoors.
  2. LANDSCAPING: Fruit-bearing trees, sweet-smelling flowers, nuts and seeds are attractive to insects, birds and rodents, as they provide food and potential nesting sites. Trim back branches and plants at least one metre away from your facility’s exterior to reduce the risk of pests. Also avoid planting brightly coloured, flowering plants, sweet-scented plants and fleshly, fruit-bearing plants.
  3. LOW SPOTS & PARKING LOTS: Standing water in parking lots or areas adjacent to the property can attract rodents. Inspect the surrounding grounds and parking lots frequently to look for trash or standing water. In addition, check outside faucets and gutters for leaks and/or puddles.
  4. BREAK ROOMS/LOCKERS: The smallest crumb can be a meal for pests. Make sure your employees practice good sanitation practices. Any food stored should be in airtight containers, and trash bins should be emptied at least daily to avoid food waste becoming a target.
  5. SPILLS: Spills can create odours and a sticky residue that attract rodents to the scene.

Orkin Canada Trapping Services

Orkin Canada utilizes various trapping services that can include: 

Snap Traps

These devices allow for the humane control of mice and rats without the use of rodenticides. Perhaps one of the simplest, yet most effective means of capturing rodents, these devices can be placed inside protective covers to prevent injury to children or pets.

Remote Monitoring

Similar to snap traps these devices have electronic sensors to alert when the trap has been triggered and give instant notification of any captures.

 Motion Sensor Cameras

Specially design motion sensor cameras for pest control scan an area for rodent movement and give instant notification when it is detected.

Ultrasonic Repellents

These devices are meant to emit sound at a frequency that humans cannot hear, but which irritate rodents and make them stay away from the source to avoid this discomfort. Recent studies have shown these devices to only have a minor short-term impact and currently available commercial units are not effective. Orkin Canada is in the process of evaluating an ultrasonic device that makes use of new technologies and design elements that show promise for longer term control. We will have more information on these new devices once our trials have concluded. 

Catch and Release Trapping

There is often a misconception that this method is a more humane way of dealing with rodents, when in fact it is the opposite. Relocated rodents;

  • Are disoriented and do not know where shelter, food, or water is located
  • Are attacked by the more dominant animals in the new territory
  • Do not know where escape routes are from predators
  • Suffer needlessly

In addition, most regulations around the capture of rodents requires them to be released within close proximity to the capture site; and can result in the rodents returning. For these reasons Orkin Canada recommends against relocating rodents in favour of exclusion and habitat modification in and around your property. Catch and release trapping requires more frequent servicing and must follow all applicable laws and regulations.

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