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quebec province image Workers in the food industry must stay alert for pests that are brought in. Cockroaches can easily enter businesses inside of shipping boxes. The large American cockroach and the small German cockroach are threats to many types of food establishments. The American cockroach is the largest cockroach that infests businesses in Quebec. Adult American roaches can reach 50 mm in length. When an American roach enters a building, it usually moves into areas that are warm and humid. People who work in the building can look for these roaches in kitchens, laundries, store rooms, and maintenance closets. American roaches can be active during the daytime as well as at night. They can run very fast and adult American roaches have fully formed wings. Due to this reason, they can glide down surfaces. The German cockroach is a small insect. Adult German roaches are about 15 mm long. These pests spend most of their time hiding in cracks and crevices. Corrugated cardboard boxes are ideal hiding places for them, so they are easily transported in shipping cartons. German roaches prefer warm, humid environments. They are common in kitchens and storerooms of food facilities. These pests can reproduce very quickly, so an infestation can become very large before anyone notices that roaches are in the building.

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