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New Brunswick province image Moncton’s climate tends to be more continental than maritime, which brings warm summers and cold winters. Warm summers make for perfect breeding conditions for many different pests including mosquitos, ants and flies. Black flies infest residential lawns and feed on the blood of humans and pets. Drain flies are also common in the New Brunswick city. Found in bathrooms and other moist areas, they can pass diseases on to humans and are generally unclean.

Winters in Moncton bring cold weather and snow, which makes pests seek ways to get indoors to feed and find warmth. Once the days and nights get colder, Moncton residents should be aware of rodents that will be driven indoors. Rats and mice will try to gain access to homes and will nest in attics, insulation and even closets. Rodents will eat almost any kind of food, including pet food, bird seed and anything left in a compost bin. Be sure to keep all garbage and foodstuffs in containers that can be sealed securely. Rats and mice will often take up residence nearby a food source so be sure you are not unknowingly creating a source of food or water for them. In fact most pests will seek warmth and water once the colder weather approaches.

Wasps will be out looking for food later in the year and can be more aggressive. Wildlife such as squirrels and raccoons will be looking for warmer places to live during the winter months. Nuisance wildlife can often bring with them mites, fleas and ticks. Additionally, Moncton residents deal with bed bugs and cockroaches. These pests feed on human blood and are associated with uncleanliness, respectively.

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Tips for Pest Control and Prevention in the Moncton Area There are a few things you can do around your house to help keep pests out. Cutting tree branches back so they do not touch your house will help keep bugs, wildlife and rodents form moving into your attic through any openings there might be. Thinning out and cleaning any vegetation away from the foundation of your home will limit potential access to water and food that all pests need to survive. Mice and insects can fit through very small holes so be sure to look around the base of your foundation, near windows and doors for holes and cracks that can be sealed. For the best trained pest control technicians in Moncton contact the professionals at your local Orkin Canada branch.