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british columbia province image Homeowners in Langley might find their homes under assault by pests at almost any time of the year. When weather is warm, cockroaches and ants can try to get inside for food or water. When it is rainy, pests like millipedes, pillbugs, and sowbugs may try to come inside for a dry environment. Earwigs and silverfish move into the storage areas and nest under the boxes. Spiders come seeking insects to eat and spin their webs behind stacked boxes. Throughout the summer, fleas are out in the yard waiting for the family pet to come by. They hitch a ride into the house on the family pet and then they multiply inside the home. In late summer and early fall, cluster flies and ladybugs gather on the outside of homes seeking a warm environment. If they find an opening, these pests will spend the winter in the attic or inside the walls of the home. Cool weather also brings rats and mice. Once these pests find an opening, they move in and they can be challenging to remove. Langley map