Summer isn’t just the perfect time for you to visit your cottage. It’s also the perfect time for pests to come out of hiding and into your summer home.

Before you grab your swimsuits and hiking boots, review this tip sheet and make sure to pack up your other summer necessities – cleaning supplies. While cleaning supplies may not be the first items that come to mind when preparing for your summer vacation, they are essential to fortifying your summer paradise from pests.

What to Pack

In addition to your traditional cleaning supplies – brooms, mops, trash bags, disinfecting wipes, etc. – there are a few other items that will help ensure your cottage is cleaned up and protected from pests this summer:

  • Caulking gun: You never know what fell into disarray over the winter, so be prepared to seal up any openings that could let pests inside.
  • Bug spray: Bug bites are annoying, and bites from pests like mosquitoes can even spread disease. Make sure you pack enough bug spray for your entire stay.

What to Do

During your first trip to the cottage this season, it is important to check for signs of pest activity as soon as you arrive. Keep an eye out for droppings, gnaw marks, wandering pests or holes in the exterior of the building. All of these can be indications that pests like rodents, cockroaches, ants, flies and squirrels are nearby.

As you walk through your summer home, make a checklist of repairs that need to be done to maintain the integrity of the building – and keep pests out. From torn window screens and clogged gutters to attic vents and overgrown tree branches, it is important to check for any area that may be vulnerable to a pest infestation. For a full list of cottage to-do’s, download this quick tip sheet.

A little cleaning and maintenance during your first summer trip to the cottage can go a long way in defending against pests throughout the rest of the season. If you notice any pest activity, contact your local Orkin Canada about cottage pest control.

tip sheet to pest proofing a cottage