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Identifying a Rodent Infestation: What are the Signs to Look For

Discovering signs of a rodent infestation in unexpected places is a common experience for our Orkin Pros™, who regularly encounter rodents in various nooks and crannies throughout buildings and homes. Rats and mice are adept at exploring hidden areas for food, water, and shelter, often slipping through seemingly tiny openings. Despite their sneaky nature, rodents, are known for their lack of cleanliness and leave behind many noticeable indications of a potential rodent infestation.

Are There Mice In Your Walls Or Ceilings?

It has long been accepted that mice live in hidden areas of our homes. While they may not have ornately decorated spaces and doors cut into baseboards as children’s cartoons have taught us, it is reasonable to assume that mice are already in many buildings. Mice, of course, are not uniform in size but they can squeeze through surprisingly small holes to reach spaces that interest them. Few buildings are sealed environments and there are often points of access that allow mice to enter and freely travel in walls and ceilings.

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