QualityPro Food Safety Certification

QualityPro Food Safety

About QualityPro Food Safety Certification

A pest infestation in a food processing/manufacturing facility comes with major implications, including the possibility of a widespread illness outbreak. When servicing these sensitive accounts, it is important that technicians have special knowledge of the environment. Orkin Canada is proud to be recognized as one of fewer than 100 companies offering QualityPro Food Safety certified service. 

As a part of this exclusive group, Orkin Canada has placed itself in the top echelon of pest management companies in Canada by offering certified and trusted pest control services to food processing/manufacturing facilities.

To offer QualityPro Food Safety service, a company must take additional steps to prove their professionalism. Every employee working in food plants has passed a comprehensive exam dedicated to verifying individual knowledge of Integrated Pest Management and the National Pest Management Association’s Pest Management Standards for Food Plants.

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