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ontario province image In Hamilton, homeowners and business owners contend with several types of pests. Insects and animals try to come into Hamilton’s buildings to find food, water, or shelter. There are common insect pests, like cockroaches and ants. They often enter homes and business establishments by crawling under doors. Cockroaches can also enter buildings inside of boxes of merchandise and freight. Ants have even been known to enter buildings in potted plants that are delivered. Odors can be very attractive to pests. Flies can follow the smell from an open trash can or dumpster for a long distance. Many people do not associate the flies buzzing around their door with an open trash can nearby. Other pests are attracted by temperatures. In the fall, homeowners often find ladybugs, cluster flies, and boxelder bugs gathered on the outside of their homes. The insects fly toward the homes to find a warm hiding place for the winter. Many of the insects manage to get inside and they spend the winter in the attic or crawlspace. Many pests are attracted to light. Moths, crickets, and other insects come to homes and buildings that are brightly lighted. In many places, spiders also come and spin their webs under the lights to catch the insects that are there.

Hamilton homes can also be affected by eastern subterranean termites. Termites invade buildings and structures located on or near moist soil and can cause significant economic damage when left unchecked. Bed bugs and rodents are also fairly common pests in Hamilton.

In recent years, Hamilton residents have seen a spike in the number of raccoon rabies cases. In 2015, a total of 71 raccoons and skunks tested positive for rabies in the Hamilton area alone. The Ontario city’s public health department works diligently to reduce possible transmission and reminds residents to vaccinate their pets and to avoid raccoons and skunks that appear to be acting erratically. Transmission to humans is also a possibility through bites or scratches, and symptoms include fever, sore throat, headache, anxiety, and agitation. Some rabies treatments are free for Ontario residents.

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