B. Sc. (Agriculture & Animal Husbandry); M. Sc. (Agriculture); Structural Pesticide Applicator (Ontario); HACCP I/ HACCP II Certification

With over 15 years of pest control experience, Rajive provides quality assurance and technical support to Orkin Canada branch operations and customers in Ontario. He also provides training and support for Orkin Canada technicians in the field and in-house training. Rajive also provides quality assurance and inspection support to Orkin Canada’s Gold Medal customers. Rajive’s
experience and his expertise with bed bugs provides support to multi-residential dwellings and hotels to help them better understand bed bug issues. Rajive is actively involved in the food supply chain (field to fork) and how integrated pest management is an integral part of each area (farms, manufacturing, storage, transportation). Actively promoting IPM ensures that Rajive is constantly communicating to his clients and consumers about evolving food safety issues and how pest management is an integral part of food safety standards as well as ensuring existing and prospective customers comply with food safety auditing standards.