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Orkin Canada provides industry-leading rodent control services across New Brunswick, helping you remove unwanted rodents from your home - and stopping them from coming back...for good.

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Solving your rodent problem is our number one priority. If we do not successfully resolve the issue after one treatment, we’ll provide additional pest control services immediately at no extra cost – and if you’re not satisfied, we guarantee you a full refund of your service payment.

Rats, mice, and other rodents are a serious menace

Rodents might invade your home on the hunt for food, water, and shelter, but they bring with them very real dangers. Rats can transmit serious diseases, and carry fleas, ticks, and lice. Meanwhile, mice will multiply exponentially and contaminate food. Both gnaw through wiring.

Ratsand mice colonize in attics and walls, and instinctively avoid or escape many baits and traps, so they can be difficult to remove. Preventing their return can require a sanitation program and structural changes. For truly effective rodent control, you need professional pest control services.

Did you know?

Some mice and rats can carry and transmit Hantavirus, a rare respiratory disease, in their saliva, urine, and faeces. This disease can be fatal in humans and there is no known cure.

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"Very professional. Very informative. Answered all my questions.Took care of the problem. Concerned for our safety. Advised precautions to take. Definitely would recommend them and seek their service in the future if needed."


Moncton, New Brunswick


"Very happy with my experience with Orkin. They helped with the issue right away. They were professional and friendly."


Saint John, New Brunswick

The Orkin Canada Process

Orkin Canada will provide you with the industry’s best rodent control service, to ensure all your rat and mice problems are identified and eliminated.


Your Orkin Canada technician will search your entire home, inside and out, to find the rodent’s colony or burrow. This includes searching in attics, under concrete and porches, in wall voids, and other hard to reach places, and looking for signs like gnawed wires and droppings.


Your technician will then expertly remove rodents, using variety of methods, to effectively stop rodents.


Your Orkin Canada technician will also offer you advice on how to stop the rats, mice, or other rodents returning to your home in the future, and advise you on any structural, landscaping, or sanitation changes that may be needed.

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