White Pine Weevils


  • Colour Dark brown to rusty red
  • Size Up to 8 mm
  • Description Characteristically hooked snouts and elbowed antennae on either side of their beaks.
  • Notes As larvae white with brown heads and shaped like the letter “C.”

How to identify White Pine Weevils

Adults typically grow to 8 mm in length and have characteristically hooked snouts. Additionally, the pests sport elbowed antennae on either side of their beaks. They appear dark brown to rusty red in colour and have patches of white and tan on their bodies. As larvae, white pine weevils are white with distinct brown heads and are shaped like the letter “C.”

Signs of an infestation

Infestations become apparent in a number of ways. Homeowners and nursery owners may notice dying trees, crooked growth, and even discolouration of needles. When larvae feed under the bark of infested trees, sap will flow and congeal on the surface. Finally, individuals may catch sight of adult white pine weevils during the summer months.

White Pine Weevils Removal

Prevention and treatment techniques used to combat infestations of white pine weevils are costly and time-consuming. Contacting the trained pest professionals at Orkin Canada alleviates the stress and costs. Our technicians are well-versed in weevil treatments and reduce the possibility of repeat infestations occurring.

How to prevent White Pine Weevils from invading

Successfully preventing white pine weevil infestations takes diligence. Removal of infected trees, once they begin to wilt or change colour, can prevent the spread of the pests. In order to strengthen and straighten treetops, affected branches should be pruned. Adjusting shading practices in addition to utilizing certain planting routines also helps limit weevil attacks.

Habitat, Diet, and Life Cycle


While they can be found throughout the forests of Canada, white pine weevils infest different species of trees depending on the region in which they are located. In the eastern provinces, they infest white pines. In the west, the pests feed on various species of spruce trees. Adults overwinter under debris at the base of host trees and lay eggs under bark. Larvae emerge in the spring to feed.


White pine weevils feed on the wood of trees. Larvae burrow into stems and work their way down into root systems, girdling foliage. This behaviour often leaves host trees deformed.

Life Cycle/Reproduction

Adult white pine weevils emerge between March and April to mate. After mating, they lay up to 100 eggs under the bark of host trees. Larvae hatch, feed, and develop through a molting process before pupating in the early summer months. Pupae then build cocoons inside host tree stems, causing even more damage before emerging in late summer as full-grown adults. White pine weevils can live anywhere from one to four years.

Commonly Asked Questions

General Facts

White pine weevils are native to North America and quite destructive to species of conifer trees. The insects infest and kill the main shoots of young trees, which causes significant aesthetic and structural damage. Since they harm eastern white, jack, red, Scots, and mugo pines, these weevils are considered serious threats to commercial nurseries, residential properties, and native forests.

Problems Caused by White Pine Weevils

The diet of white pine weevils causes girdling around tree stems and cuts off water flow. This leaves trees deformed, stunts growth, and devastates the aesthetic value of ornamental trees. As generations of white pine weevils attack the same tree year after year, the availability of marketable timber can be affected, as well.

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