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  • Colour Olive, brown, black, white, and red
  • Size From 7 cm to 50 cm long
  • Description Many woodpeckers have a tuft of feathers or crest on their crown.

Why do I have woodpeckers

Woodpeckers like to live around wooded areas, nesting in trees, wooden structures, fences, poles, and sign posts. They eat insects, fruits, birds’ eggs, small animals, and tree sap.

These birds peck at dead or diseased trees or limbs, buildings, sidings, metal, and air conditioners. This is done in an effort to find food, excavate nesting areas, make room for food storage, and signal to other woodpeckers.

How worried should I be about woodpeckers

Woodpeckers can be beneficial, since they eat insect pests on trees. However, their loud pecking can be annoying and damage buildings and facilities.

If you do decide to discourage woodpeckers from your property, it’s important to note that they are protected, so it’s essential you use a professional, licensed pest control service to ensure you comply with all the required regulations.

How can I prevent woodpeckers invading

Eliminate food sources, including bird feeders for other species, Put up wire mesh to protect potential pecking areas, Generate loud noises to scare the woodpeckers away

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