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  • Colour White body with a pale grey to black mantle
  • Size From 29 cm to 76 cm long
  • Description Generally have heavy bodies, long wings, and rounded tails. Their beaks are heavy and slightly hooked. Most wingtips are black, while the head can be white or black.

Why do I have gulls

Gulls are typically attracted to fish, rodents, and carrion, but are opportunistic and will also feed on a wide range of other food. This includes insects, earthworms, eggs, offal, reptiles, amphibians, seeds, fruit, human refuse, chips, and even other birds.

The birds usually make nests on the ground, in marshes, on cliffs, in trees, or on rooftops.

How worried should I be about gulls

Gulls are noisy and can be aggressive, particularly when defending their nest and will dive at humans if they perceive a threat to their young. Their droppings are also hazardous.

If you need to remove gulls from your building, you must make sure you comply with the Migratory Birds Convention Act by using a professional, licensed pest control service.

How can I prevent gulls invading

Eliminate potential gull food sources, After nesting season, seal entry to the site, Install nets, wires, or bird repellent systems

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