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During these uncertain times, the idea of protection and disinfection has never been more necessary. Whether you are looking to protect your staff or visiting your friends and family, having the right protective equipment can create an additional barrier against potentially harmful viruses and bacteria.

Orkin Canada’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

When you get personal protective equipment from Orkin Canada, you can rest easy knowing you are receiving only the best as all of our PPE is in compliance with the Health Canada’s safety guidelines.


3-Ply Masks

3-Ply Non surgical mask

Designed with multiple layers of a melt blown fabric. These masks are critical as a quick, disposable filter to contain droplets by electrostatically adsorbing them on the surface and preventing them from infiltrating the mask. The inner layer of the mask is intended to absorb water, sweat and spit, a reason why these masks are preferred within the medical community.  NOTE:  These are not surgical masks, and we are not taking away from the supply our first responders need.

KN95 masks

image of KN95 Masks

The next level of mask protection is the KN95. These masks are rated to capture 95% of 0.3 micron particles, ensuring that both you and your family are prepared to mitigate transmission of any viruses.


Disposable non-latex gloves

Wearing the right gloves can make a dramatic difference in mitigating the spread of viruses. As many of the surfaces you touch may not be properly disinfected; disposable gloves provide you with a protective barrier. 

Hand Sanitizer

small sized bottle of hand sanitizer

Sanitizing has never been more important, as we look to mitigate the transmission of viruses and bacteria. Not all hand sanitizers are made equal, it is important to know that when you receive hand sanitizer from Orkin Canada, you are getting a Health Canada approved product that will sanitize to the level required. 

Let Orkin Canada Keep You Protected

 There is no cure for the Sars CoV-2 virus, the virus that causes COVID-19, but following government guidelines and using the appropriate personal protective equipment are necessary steps to mitigating the transmission of coronaviruses. Orkin Canada is there to help supply you with the appropriate PPE to keep your home and business safe. Contact your local branch today!

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