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Odour Control

Airstreme unit

Orkin Canada’s two-step system does more than simply mask odours with ineffective perfumes – it helps eliminate odours at their source:

  • Using our Advanced AirStreme™ Misting System with powerful all-natural reactants, Orkin Canada’s system neutralizes airborne odours from accumulated waste.
  • We also eliminate odour sources using BioStreme™ Micronutrients, which convert odourous anaerobic bacteria into non-odourous facultative bacteria.

It’s an effective system and easy to maintain. We’ll handle all equipment installation and design a customized odour-control plan that can be executed in-house in just minutes each month. Or, we can perform the system maintenance for added convenience. Either way, you can count on Orkin Canada for effective odour control every day of the year.

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