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Pest Exclusion

Pest Exclusion entry pointsOrkin Canada’s pest exclusion measures will help control pest problems before they start and are an integral part of any successful pest control program. Pests need three things for survival: food, water and shelter, so they will jump at any opportunity to enter a business or residence. Once pests get inside, forcing them out is much more challenging and may require chemical applications. To help keep pests outside where they belong, Orkin Canada can identify and seal numerous potential pest-entry points – many of which might otherwise be overlooked. Certain pest exclusion methods can even make your facility or home more energy-efficient.

How Do Pests Gain Access To Commercial Facilities?

Pests can enter your facility in a multitude of ways. For example, adult mice can pass through an opening as small as one centimetre wide, while cockroaches need only a four millimetre opening to get in. Since an open door is an invitation for pests to come inside, any door or loading dock area that is left open for long periods becomes an easy target of entry for pests. Pests can also get in by hitching a ride on deliveries and even the clothes of customers and staff, or through less obvious and difficult to spots entry points such as small cracks in a building’s exterior. Another easy target are windows which should be regularly inspected to ensure they are properly sealed.

The Orkin Canada Approach

Pest exclusion refers to measures that block light, optimal temperatures and odours that attract pests and form a physical barrier against pests. The highly trained professional technician’s of Orkin Canada will inspect your premises for likely areas of pest access and install exclusion devices to help deter pests from entering. Our exclusion measures include:

  • Door sweeps
  • Vinyl door strips
  • Air curtains
  • Window screens
  • Insulating foam
  • Positive air flow
  • Caulking
  • Screening

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