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Saskatchewan province image Regina is the second largest city in Saskatchewan and has some unique pest issues. Due to the warm and wet summers and cold dry winters mosquitos are a very common sight and can be a problem because some can carry the West Nile virus. It doesn’t take much standing water for mosquitos to become a problem. After an easier winter and a dry warm summer in 2012 ticks became an issue. Stink bugs are also a common pest in Regina and the damage they can do to crops can be large. They hibernate in the warmth of buildings during the winter and emit a distinct odour. They will enter through small cracks in walls and around windows and hide in walls, attics or crawl spaces.

Regina is also prime destination for pests like ants, wasps, spiders, and rodents. Ants frequently set up colonies on private properties and sneak into homes looking for food. Some species even bite or sting humans, leaving painful red welts behind. Wasps also sting and are especially harmful when they nest in residential neighbourhoods where allergic individuals live. Some species of spiders incite fear, can be venomous, and weave unsightly webs throughout homes. In the winter, rodents such as mice and rats are drawn inside Regina homes looking for food and warmth. These pests contaminate packages of food with their urine and droppings and can spread many diseases.

Tips for Pest Control and Prevention in the Regina Area You can keep out many different insect pests by sealing holes and cracks in your foundation or around windows. Adding weather stripping under doors and in windows can also help keep pests out. If you have any torn screens on your windows or doors replace those. Removing plants and weeds form near your foundation will help eliminate potential food and water sources. To help guard against mosquitos remove any standing water and cover rain barrels or watering cans with tight sealed lids. Make sure there are no clogs in your eaves which will create the standing water mosquitos prefer.

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