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Prince Albert Pest Control and Wildlife Services

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Residents of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, live amongst a variety of pests that cause problems either by threatening the health and safety of humans or by damaging property. Pests like bees, hornets, and wasps, for instance, often create issues during the warmer months of summer, when people are more likely to encounter these stinging insects outdoors. Chewing caterpillars also pose a threat to the Prince Albert area, specifically to the city’s trees. These pests put trees at risk of defoliation and are often the target of eradication efforts undertaken by city work crews.

Other common pests in Prince Albert require the services of private pest control companies or contractors when they invade residential areas. Raccoons and skunks are two examples of local pests that commonly enter private properties and cause problems, forcing residents to use professional animal removal services. Wildlife such as mice and rats also create issues for local residents, especially during the winter, when the cold weather drives these pests indoors. Bed bugs remain a common pest problem, as well. Local exterminators have even reported an increased number of calls requesting bed bug control in recent years.