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Pests are a part of everyday life in the City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Residents of the city commonly encounter nuisances like bees and wasps. Wasps, in particular, are known for their aggressive behaviour and often construct nests in close proximity to residential homes, such as in lawns, trees, and gaps in house siding. This is dangerous because wasps sting, and individuals who are allergic to their venom may go into anaphylactic shock.

Mosquitoes are another prominent flying insect pest in Saskatoon, and city officials have instated several campaigns to control the damage done by the pests and the diseases they spread. Residents are advised to protect against mosquitoes by using repellents and limiting outdoor activity during evening hours when the pests are most active. Spider infestations are also common in the area. The pests can enter Saskatoon homes through incredibly small holes and create panic in some people due to arachnophobia.